Welcome to the Farm!

THANK YOU to all of our wonderful 2016 customers!
Our catalog is still live on the SEEDLING page so you can check back to pictures and descriptions of the varieties you planted. We’ve taken your suggestions to heart and are already dreaming up next year’s selections. Happy gardening!


Our farm evolves each year. This year we’re proud to be focusing on our expanding seedling business. We offer a wide variety of vegetable and herb seedlings to Maine farmers and gardeners. In addition, we cultivate a large homestead garden of certified organic produce; nurture a flock of laying hens; and have a rotating smorgasbord of other critters.

One Drop Farm is a small family farm in the town of Cornville, just 5 miles north of Skowhegan in Central Maine. One Drop Farm fulfills a vision to walk the talk of Conscientious and Righteously Raised Goods. We began our operation in 2004 on a piece of Andrew’s ancestral farmland in Shade Gap, Pennsylvania. In 2008 we moved to Cornville, Maine. We couldn’t have made a better choice. The greater Skowhegan area is ripe with invigorated and innovative farmers and artisans and entrepreneurs.

“Sustainable agriculture depends upon personal commitment, that of the farmer and eater. There is an interconnectedness that is palpable; the city with the country, the eater with the farmer, the food with the health, and joy with living.”

– Kim Miller, PASA Board President 2000-2007

Everything produced on One Drop Farm is done so organically, taking cues from the natural order of things and allowing our animals (and vegetables) to express all of their natural behaviors.You can find our conscientiously-produced seedlings at the Saturday Skowhegan Farmers Market and in our on-farm nursery.(Visit the Market page for more details.)

Why Organic Methods?

We prefer to grow our plants without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or growth inhibitors. These substances damage fragile soil health, create environmental problems like water pollution, and are a health risk for workers and consumers. To us, it doesn’t make sense to spray petroleum based poisons on our food or use synthetic forms of fertilizer that upset the balance of biota in the soil. These principals grew from a few basic ideas: healthy soil as the basis for life; nutrient-rich soil grows nutrient-rich and disease-resistant crops.  Starting with our seedlings in a living potting mix is a step toward a healthy garden.

Improve The Soil.

Truly, that’s where it starts.  Soil science is a never-ending quest to understand the intricacy of living soil.  Based on all that we’ve learned, living soil, teeming with microbes (good bacteria, fungus, protozoa, invertebrates, insects) and essential inert compounds, is the most important element to a thriving garden. Our seedlings are presented to our customers in a living medium.

Love and dirt,

The Farmers,
Ann and Andrew Mefferd