One Drop Farm – Seedlings by Annie


The 2022 seedling season is here
Pre-orders open early January, close March 31.
In-person shopping in our on-farm nursery opens in mid-May. 
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Each spring, we offer over 300 varieties of organic vegetable, herb, and flower seedlings ready to grow in your garden. All of our seedlings are raised organically. We are certified by MOFGA and licensed by the State of Maine.

Come shop our plants at our on-farm nursery. Or, reserve and secure your plants using our online Pre-Order Store, then come to the farm to scoop up your order during pickup week in May. On-farm nursery open Mon–Sat, 10–5 mid-May through mid-June. Closed Sundays..

Scientists around the world quest to understand the intricacy of living soil.  What we consistently learn from soil gurus, and observe on our own farm, is that living soil teeming with good bacteria, fungus, protozoa, invertebrates and essential inert compounds, is the most important element to a thriving garden. These critters are necessary to convert and relay the nutrients in the soil to the roots of the plant. Our seedlings are wholly unlike those from large commercial sources grown in sterile medium and chemically fertilized.  Seedlings from One Drop Farm hit the ground growing with the necessary agents for optimum organic nutrient uptake.

Our seedlings are presented to our customers in a living medium.

One Drop Farm is a small family farm growing an unmatched selection of over 300 varieties of organic vegetable and herb seedlings for gardeners and farmers in Maine and beyond. Owned and operated by Ann Mefferd, supported by her husband, Andrew, and their two tiny humans, Jasper and Cleome, we are located in the town of Cornville, just 5 miles north of Skowhegan in Central Maine.

Buying directly from a local producer bridges the gap in knowledge about where food and agricultural products come from and ensures customer confidence in the safety and ethics surrounding their food. We call it CONSCIENTIOUS GOODS.

Love and dirt,