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Shop our plants at the Skowhegan Market and our Farm Nursery!



Find our plants at the Skowhegan Farmers’ Market from
May until mid June, Saturdays from 9 AM to 1PM.  
Located at 42 Court Street in the parking lot of the Somerset Grist Mill adjacent to the municipal parking area.

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Our Nursery

img_0924You can shop our on-farm nursery filled with flowers and myriad veggie and herb starts. 10am to 5pm, Monday thru Friday, the week before Memorial Day until the second week of June.  We’ll put a sign out to announce that the plants are ready for you. Come browse the selection! You can browse our online store to learn more about the varieties we carry or email for more information. Closed Sundays. 



We value face-time with our customers. It is an opportunity to connect with our community, answer any questions about our growing techniques and product line or share new information about our farm or farming news. In a world of bigger and bigger agro-businesses, some consumers have lost touch with where their agricultural products come from and can’t find out exactly how it was produced. Buying directly from a local producer bridges that gap and ensures customer confidence in the safety and ethics surrounding their food. We call it CONSCIENTIOUS GOODS.