Aunt Molly’s Husk Cherry


Sold in “hills” (meaning 3-4 plants per pot)

1-10: $3.75 each / 11-19: $3.50 each / 20+: $3.25 each (discounted price will be reflected at checkout)

Excellent flavor. A little smaller than generic varieties, about ¾”. Native to Central America. Sweet and zesty with a bit of a pineapple taste. My son devours these and can’t get enough. He loves pulling the little husk off to reveal the golden treasure within – a perfect snacking fruit, like berries. Husk cherries are prolific with dozens on each sprawling plant. They grow just like tomatillos. They come on later in the season, but you can harvest them and store them in a paper sack to ripen (don’t eat the hard unripe ones). They keep for weeks. Indeterminate. 72 days. Open-pollinated.