Blacktail Mountain


Sold in “hills” (meaning 3-4 plants per pot)

1-10: $3.75 each / 11-19: $3.50 each / 20+: $3.25 each (discounted price will be reflected at checkout)

If you have been wary to try watermelons, resist no more! I have long sought a reliable watermelon for our climate. I think you’ll be happy with this! Matures early, isn’t fussy about our cool end of summer nights. This description from Fedco Seeds says it all. “At age 17 cucurbit aficionado and future eminent seedsman Glenn Drowns took on his 4-year project to breed a watermelon that would withstand the rigors of his mountainous northern Idaho climate and ripen before first frost despite summer nighttime temperatures that averaged 43°. No wonder Blacktail Mountain is the earliest variety extant, among the hardiest, best adapted to a variety of conditions, and even stores after harvest as long as any.” Averages a nice 8–12 lbs, but can get up to 18 with great care.

Fruits are dark green, almost black, with faint stripes, flesh orange-red like a Sugar Baby only with a cleaner more pleasing texture, very sweet, juicy and crunchy. 71 days. Open-pollinated.