Jaluv An Attitude


4″ pots only

1-10: $3.75 each / 11-19: $3.50 each / 20+: $3.25 each (discounted price will be reflected at checkout)

Jalapeno for the North. In the breeder’s own words: “If I had to have one chili on a desert island, it used to be a jalapeño. Now maybe not. This new chili is the result of a cross between an open-pollinated jalapeño and (my own) original that was called 45° N Attitude. The object was to have a thicker-skinned 45° with a lot of jalapeño flavor. The 45° N had thin skin, delicious hot fruity flavor, and dried and produced well in northern latitudes. My overriding intent in crossing them was to obtain the best combination of both.” 75 days. Open-pollinated.